Anna Burgese was enjoying another humdrum stay in Miami at the five-star W Hotel when, out of nowhere, she was beaten by a gang of prostitutes who believed the New Jersey mother (in her traditional Jersey attire) was another, rival prostitute.

Even worse, Burgese claims in a Federal lawsuit against The W, the prostitutes were given a getaway vehicle by the luxury hotel.

Burgese is the wife of a prosperous Philadelphia-based home builder, who split her time between Jersey and Miami, where the Burgeses were frequent guests.

Prostitution has exploded in Miami in recent years, with an influx of Eastern-European sex workers looking to fleece big-spending American johns. When Burgese brought her complaint to the Miami police, they weren't surprised at all.

“They told her that the women were hookers who were likely drunk or on drugs and mistakenly thought Anna was a prostitute,’’ Burgese's lawyer said.

Burgese's lawyer also lamented the fact that no one is taking this story seriously enough: “She is the butt of a number of jokes and people are drawing conclusions about her appearance which are not founded. This does nothing to encourage other victims to come forward,’’ he said.

These Miami prostitutes are no joke. However, they were responsible for one of the most hilarious moments in weatherman history.