Two University of Miami football players were arrested today on sexual battery charges after allegedly assaulting an incapacitated 17-year-old student in her dorm room. According to reports from CBS Miami and the New York Daily News, the two have admitted to plying her with alcohol prior to the alleged assault.

CBS Miami reports, however, that the victim may have been given more than just alcohol:

According to the arrest affidavit, [Alexander Figueroa, 20, and Jawand Blue, 20], without the 17-year old girl's knowledge, gave her "a narcotic, anesthetic, or other intoxicating substance that mentally or physically incapacitated" on July 5th.

Figueroa and Blue, police say, then sexually battered the victim who was physically helpless to resist.

The two players, both linebackers, have admitted to "buying and administering several alcoholic beverages for the victim."

The victim reported the incident herself to the police. Figueroa and Blue were dismissed from the football team today and barred from all campus facilities.

[Image via CBS Miami]