Miami is home to some of the most over-aggressive police in America. Here is a video of that insane aggression being channeled in a proper direction: against another police officer.

As you can see in the hilarious dash cam video above, a Miami cop pulled over a car, and the guy in the car made the apparent mistake of trying to get out of the car, so of course he was taken to the ground hard, and then, as if from nowhere, approximately 74 additional Miami police cars pull up to the scene and they all pile onto the guy on the ground in a comical "Keystone Kops" manner, and then much gabbing and hand-wringing ensues. Unfortunately—or fortunately, for you, the viewing public—the guy who got pulled over and then slammed on the ground was Lt. David Ramras of the Miami Police Department's internal affairs divisions.

Both officers have been suspended and the mayor is embarrassed as hell.

Here is a quality journalistic write-up of this wacky police blooper. Great work, everyone.