A Mexican official tells the AP El Chapo was captured as a result of Sean Penn’s apparently not-so-clandestine meeting with the drug lord last October, a report that, if true, should ensure Penn sleeps somewhat uneasily for the rest of his life.

Though Penn outlines many of the security measures he was able to observe throughout the rambling, 11,000-word piece, the meeting was ultimately arranged by the Mexican film star Kate del Castillo who, according to Penn, communicated with El Chapo via BBM. ABC News also reports Penn and del Castillo are both under investigation by the Mexican government. That report, if true, would indicate neither actor were aware they had been tracked. (If the highly convenient AP report is to be believed—earlier reports indicate officials caught up to the drug lord when he tried to cast his biopic.)

Honestly—who knows? Definitely not Sean Penn.

Either way, is hanging with Spicoli worth the loss of your freedom? Some, like Charlize Theron, say no. Others also say... no.

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