The relentless social chair of this sorority five semesters running, Reese Witherspoon, went to a party in Capri, Italy last night and had a stupendous time. Who wouldn't?

TMZ obtained video of Witherspoon tripping the light fantastic at said party, pointing at the sky, pointing at her friends, pointing at herself, throwing handfuls of air at fellow guests, performing a modified cabbage patch in alto, becoming tangled up in an invisible lasso cast by her own braceleted hand, whirling, twirling, bipping, bopping, and loving, just loving, just fuckin' loving the way her hair feels as it whips against her face.

At times in the video, she seems almost in a trance—her compact body merely a vessel through which the pulsating disco beat of the universe can flow out into the warm Italian twilight.

TMZ speculates that she is in town for a wedding.

See you later, Laura Jean.

[via TMZ]