How’s your Christmas going so far? Enjoying quality time with your family? Cloistered in your apartment fielding curses from a rain-soaked delivery guy? It doesn’t matter—because either way, you are almost definitely having a better Christmas than anyone in the White House press corps.

As has become tradition, President Obama is spending the holidays in Hawaii. And as has (apparently very unfortunately) become tradition for POTUS’s press pool, his doting reporters are forced to follow. According to the most recent smattering of press pool dispatches, it sounds like a tinsel-adjacent hell.

Obama spent yesterday hiking and enjoying (what we assume was) a delightful pre-Christmas beach romp in the semi-sun. We can’t be sure, of course, because the press pool was holed up in a nondescript room in a military base:

President Obama’s motorcade arrived at 12:31 p.m. at Bellows Air Force Station, where the sign said the public beach is CLOSED, but apparently not if you are with the president and his entourage. It does appear, however to be closed to your pool, which is holding in a building at the station.

Then as dinner time rolled around, Julie Davis from The New York Times wrote that:

... POTUS and the first family are dining with family and friends at MW Restaurant, which features creative Hawaiian fare including such entrees as garlic-steamed onaga-long-tail red snapper ($35) and a $45 “beef and foie gras.” Your pool is enjoying none of that in our hold down the road.

Then, several decadent courses later (assuming you’re the President or his kin), Davis sent out the following update:

After more than three hours at MW, when your pool had long-since grown weary of the Christmas-themed pop remix selections blaring in our hold, President Obama wrapped up his elegant Christmas Eve dinner and at 10:24 p.m., his motorcade departed the restaurant. We came no closer to seeing Obama than we did to seeing Santa...

Merry Christmas, guys. And we can’t wait to see how things turn around with Dear Leader Trump.

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