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A wealthy amusement-ride magnate and his partner returned home to their stately manse outside Orlando Wednesday night and were robbed by a trio of men who invaded the house dressed as ninjas.

Bill Kitchen, the founder of U.S. Thrillrides and a self-described "urban bush pilot," was returning to his mansion in the upscale lakefront suburb of Windermere when the men in black body suits ambushed him and companion Camilo Espinel, a wind-surfing instructor, in the mansion's carport, according to WFTV:

Authorities said the three men bound the homeowners' hands and walked the two inside the residence, demanding jewelry, money and valuables.

In a photo captured from the surveillance camera, Kitchen can be seen sitting against the wall with a pillowcase over his head and his hands bound.

One of the robbers took the victim's hat and wore it during the robbery.

The victims told authorities then men stole one of their cars and fled the home.

Kitchen described the robbery in a Facebook post to friends, according to the station: "We were asked to produce all money, jewelry and valuables," he reportedly wrote. "For an hour they ransacked the house."

It's not clear who the robbers are or if they targeted the pair. The local police chief said he believed the home invasion "to be an isolated incident." But with fedora-wearing ninjas, you never can tell.