Source: Twitter

On Saturday, Donald Trump posted a meme on Twitter featuring his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton’s face superimposed on piles of $100 bills, with a Star of David next to her bearing the words “Most Corrupt Candidate Ever!” Charges of antisemitism ensued. Obviously. The post was subsequently removed and reposted with a circle instead of the star.

Well, it turns out that was the only creative choice Trump’s team made in regards to the meme, because they weren’t the ones who originally made it.

We still don’t know who made the meme, but Mic found that it was featured on the Politically Incorrect (/pol/) message board as early as June 22.

It’s not clear how a meme posted on a white supremacist, antisemitic, and fascistic message board made its way to the presumptive Republican presidential nominee’s Twitter account. Total mystery.

The original post has since been deleted but you can still view it here, in its Archive. is internet capsule (scroll about two-thirds of the way down the page).

Many on Twitter speculated, in the wake of the Trump’s tweet, that the Star of David was meant to be a police badge, symbolizing the FBI’s investigation into the private email server Clinton used while Secretary of State.

Former Trump campaign manager, now CNN shill, Corey Lewandowski, called the backlash to Trump’s tweet “political correctness run amok” in a CNN interview on Sunday.