Being a meme more or less sucks, especially if you aren't making any money off of your fleeting internet celebrity. That all goes double if your meme stems from a mugshot, like in the case of Meagan Simmons, who this week filed suit against a mugshot website for using her famous booking photo in ads.

Simmons has been well-known in certain pockets of the internet since the middle of 2012, when her mugshot from a 2010 DUI arrest became the basis for what calls the "attractive convict" meme ("WANTED IN 50 STATES" etc.). Now, Simmons is claiming that a web site called has been displaying her mugshot in banner ads without her permission.

Though Florida's lax laws regarding the ownership of mugshots have left thousands of people unable to scrub their lowest moment from the internet, Simmons really only takes issue with InstantCheckmate ostensibly making money off her mug. In an April interview with Huffington Post, Simmons was rather blasé about the whole thing, though she has recently expressed concern with crazy internet men tracking her down in the small Florida town of Zephyrhills.

Mamas, don't let your babies grow up to be memes.

[image via Florida]