Last night on her television program, Fox News’ Megyn Kelly presided over a discussion on the right’s current paranoid fixation that the Washington Post has 20 reporters digging into Donald Trump’s life for a planned book on the presumed Republican nominee.

This fact was announced by the Washington Post in a press release early last month, but conservatives seized on it as some sort of vast media conspiracy after the Washington Examiner reported on Wednesday that Bob Woodward told a crowd at the National Association of Realtors convention (?) about the paper’s plan to highly scrutinize a presidential candidate.

Anyway, Megyn Kelly’s segment on this dumb story is entirely nonsense, but you knew that already. What’s slightly more interesting is that the discussion metastasizes into a rumination on the media’s breathless coverage of Trump in general. Kelly, who has been a bit player in the Trump saga, starts to go on a warpath. Via The Politico:

“The countdown on MSNBC, they had a countdown clock,” she said, referring to the network’s clock ticking down to the Trump/Ryan confab.

She continued:

“Look, look CNN with a shot of Trump’s plane,” Kelly remarked, as footage from CNN appeared on screen. “Wolf Blitzer was walking us through the plane’s progress on the tarmac.”

And then:

“You would have thought it was the second coming,” Kelly said, poking fun at MSNBC’s “Breaking News” chyron that read “Breaking News: Trump Gives Thumbs Up Heading Into Meeting”

But lest you think Kelly was just diverting the conversation to shit on her rivals, she stopped to remind the viewer that her network sucks, too:

“I do want to say, it wasn’t just the other networks. We also had an eight-box up at some point,” she said. “ And in MSNBC’s defense, there was a day here at Fox News when was I was a cub reporter in the D.C. Bureau when I saw the following: Fox News Alert: The White House Christmas Tree Has Arrived at the White House. None of us has perfectly clean hands.”

The lesson, straight from the horse’s mouth: Cable news is almost entirely useless and you should do something else with your time.