Now that NBC has dumped David Gregory as host of Meet the Press, some radical changes are in store. What was once a subpar Sunday political talk show will now be a landfill, full of the most useless NBC News personalities.

When you think "Meet the Press under David Gregory," you likely think: "Not enough input from people already employed as political talking heads—and stupid ones, at that." Instead of boring political talking heads employed by places other than NBC News, NBC News has decided to pursue a dynamic and radical new strategy of filling Meet the Press with political talking heads already employed by NBC News. That means more Joe Scarborough, and—as a powerful testament to the fact that the highest reaches of our nation's political media is an absolute sewer of nepotism—Luke Russert, whose father once hosted the show, and who is himself basically just a dim 29-year-old dude, a valuable new demographic for MTP. Page Six reports that "a source," meaning "an NBC spokesperson," told them "Chuck Todd is busily assembling the team of on-air talent that will join him on the new 'Meet the Press.' Joe will be a regular alongside Luke Russert, whose father famously moderated the show for 16-plus years."

How long until Allison Williams is a Meet the Press panelist? You think I'm joking.

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