This is Mohamed Siad, 27, accused drug dealer, gun runner, victim of a recent jailhouse stabbing—and, apparently, owner and peddler of the infamous Rob Ford crack video.

The Toronto Star has identified Siad, who was arrested as part of the "Project Traveller" raids at the infamous Etobicoke projects where Ford's crack-smoking antics first came to light, as the man who sat in the backseat of a car with two of its reporters and played a video of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford smoking crack.

Gawker editor John Cook, who was shown the same video, says this appears to be the same man he met in Toronto, though he can't be certain. (Cook dealt extensively with the video's broker, whose identity he agreed to protect, but met the video's owner only once.)

Siad wasn't identified by name to either Cook or the Star reporters. It's unclear if he was the auteur behind the video, or if it had simply come into his posession.

Siad is currently segregated from the general population after being stabbed a few days after his arrest.