Party supply coordinator-turned-future Queen of England Jimmy Fallon welcomed his first child with wife Nancy Juvonen early Tuesday morning: a daughter named Winnie Rose Fallon.

Juvonen runs Flower Films with flower Drew Barrymore. The couple didn't announce they were expecting a baby beforehand, which makes Jimmy Fallon's wife's pregnancy (or the couple's surrogacy/adoption/whatever) just one more showbiz secret Drew Barrymore knew that you didn't. [Update: Fallon has confirmed the baby was born via a surrogate.]

announced the birth by saying "Surprise—Jimmy Fallon is a dad!" because "Surprise!" is a festive thing to say before presenting new information, even if that information is not particularly surprising.

Surprise! Jimmy Fallon posted a .gif of his daughter appearing to wave (babies don't know what waving is — she's just getting to know her body) to the official Late Night tumblr on Thursday. He also did a little riff about how cute she is in his monologue.

In other wealthy baby news, actress Penelope Cruz gave birth to her second child, a girl, with actor Javier Bardem on Monday. We don't know her name or what she looks like or what her favorite move to do in a .gif is. Surprise!

[Images via AP, Instagram]

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