New York Times publisher Arthur Sulzberger Jr. is dating again. Capital New York's Joe Pompeo reports that Sulzberger's newest girlfriend is a private equity director named Gabrielle Greene.

The two made an appearance together at the paper's headquarters for a party for advertisers earlier this week. And the couple posed for pictures at the Financial Times's 125th anniversary party last month (here's a photo of the happy couple).

You may remember Sulzberger's previous girlfriend, Claudia Gonzalez (Sulzberger separated from his wife five years ago). Gonzalez was the one who apparently caused quite a bit of tension between Arthur and Janet Robinson, the Times' longtime chief executive. Robinson was shown the door, unexpectedly, in December 2011.

Then again, it couldn't be that unexpected that Gonzalez would have thoughts on Robinson's job performance; Sulzberger likes to consult his significant others on business matters. In Alex Jones and Susan Tifft’s great book about the Sulzberger-Ochs family, The Trust, they wrote of Sulzberger's then-wife Gail Gregg:

She was forceful and self-assured–the very strengths he tried to cultivate in himself, though his way of expressing them tended to be cocky and confrontational.


Their marriage was one of trust, friendship, respect, political sympathy teamwork. Unlike Punch [Arthur's father], who never discussed business with Carol, Arthur Jr. valued Gail’s counsel and freely told other executives that he ran many decisions by her.

Sulzberger broke things off with Gonzalez some time last year. A person familiar with the Sulzbergers told me his commitment to Gonzalez (and, apparently, her young children) became too much for him, even "after he had installed the bunk beds" for her young kids, our source says.

As for Greene, she's had a long background in private equity and hedge funds, including a stint at Bain & Company. She sits on the board at Whole Foods, and we're sure the Times' new CEO, Mark Thompson, is just thrilled with the idea of talking to her about what's happening at The New York Times Company.

[Photo of Sulzberger via Getty]