According to a truly disturbing report from the Virginia Board of Medicine, an Army doctor ran “experiments” on his students for years—wildly unsafe, government-funded sessions allegedly fueled by ketamine, alcohol and what sounds like some sort of personality disorder.

According to Reuters, Dr. John Henry Hagmann is the founder of Deployment Medicine International, which offers battlefield training to the military to the tune of roughly $10 million in billing so far. But his “training” sessions sound decidedly more Freudian than Hippocratic.

A sort of pattern, or M.O., if you will, emerges from the official report, which accuses Hagnann of giving dozens of students ketamine injections and seemingly unnecessary penile procedures during the two-year period detailed by investigators. Via Reuters:

In one case detailed by investigators, Virginia authorities allege that Hagmann boasted to a student “about his proficiency with rectal exams” and took the student to a warehouse on his property. There, the report claims, the two “continued to consume beer” and Hagmann asked the student “about the effect (the student’s) uncircumcised penis had on masturbation and sexual intercourse.” The student told investigators “that he was inebriated and felt that he could not refuse Dr. Hagmann’s request … to examine, manipulate and photograph his penis.”After receiving ketamine, midazolam and IV fluid, Patient D was catheterized.

The Virginia medical board report also says Hagmann conducted what board investigators described as “ketamine labs,” “alcohol labs,” and “cognition labs.” The labs, officials wrote, “involved the dosing of ketamine and consumption of alcohol, at times in combination or in quick succession, so that he (Hagmann) could assess the effects of these substances on their cognition.”

During a July 2013 course in North Carolina, authorities say, participants were provided eight shots of rum in 10 minutes. About an hour later, they were allegedly injected with ketamine. Officials allege that one intoxicated participant received a penile nerve block, a type of anesthesia. When other students stepped in to prevent a second intoxicated student from receiving the procedure, the report says, Hagmann volunteered himself, and students performed a penile nerve block on him.

In the meantime, Hagmann’s license has been suspended pending a hearing.

He tells Reuters the allegations are “amplified” by animal rights activists and argues any “sexual harassment” of his uncircumcised student was purely intellectual: “The historical link between circumcision and masturbation is a fact dating since Victorian England and is still a current topic subject to scientific research,” he says.

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