REDONDO BEACH, CA - AUGUST 07: An iPad screen, showing the mobile video application TikTok account o...

The Best and Worst Media TikTok Accounts

Remind us of this when we inevitably have to start a TikTok in three months

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NEW YORK, NEW YORK - MAY 17: Amy Robach amd TJ Holmes attend the 2022 ABC Disney Upfront at Basketba...

Bad Morning America: T.J Holmes and Amy Robach Fired for the Crime of Love

No more afternoon delights for TV's most charismatic cheaters

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Gemeinde Marktl (Geburtsort von P A P S T B E N E D I K T X V I.), Bayern, Deutschland, Europa, 22.0...

Politico Parts Ways With Reporter After Accurate Tweet About the Dead Pope

Eric Geller tweeted that Pope Benedict XVI was a “homophobic pedophile protector” and “Hitler Youth alumnus”

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RIP PizzaTate: Andrew Tate's Arrest Was Not Pizza-Related

The truth got lost in the sauce

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The Worst Tweets of 2022

Here it is

Year in Review
Gawker Staff

The Dispute Over a Canadian Memoir and an Alleged Assault

A former friend of Canadian memoirist Leah McLaren alleges the writer assaulted her when they were children

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BuzzFeed to Lay Off 180 People

They blamed “vertical video”

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Meet Max, the Potential Gender-Neutral Child of HBO Max and Discovery+


wall street money never sleeps+
Fran Hoepfner

Andy Cohen Doesn't Remember Meeting Meghan Markle Twice

Meghan hands Andy his tight ass a few times in return

the morally corrupt andrew cohen
Claire Carusillo

White House Press Corps Crying Over Naomi Biden Wedding Snub

The Fourth Estate was denied the opportunity to report on her first-dance song pick

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‘Official’ Check Goes Gentle Into That Good Night

She was just three hours young

Nov. 9 2022-Nov. 9 2022
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Tumblr Is Allowing Dead-Eyed Nudes Again

They don't have to be tasteful, but they do have to have artistic integrity

reblog hog
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I’ll Miss My Blue Check So Much

It did more for my career than grad school

empty nesting
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Analysis: Semafor Reinvents News By Making It More Confusing to Read

Welcome to the world, from your friends at Gawké

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Editors Resign From Literary Mag Over Interview with “Iowa Pariah”

Hobart Magazine is in turmoil over writer Alex Perez’s words about tote bag women and cancel culture

Tote-al Eclipse of the Art
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Geriatrics Trying to Start Shit With Gen Z Over Emoji

Everybody relax

Grow Up
Olivia Craighead