Photo taken in Saint Petersburg, Russia

Sausage Drone Is the Hero Dogs Deserve

Take me to higher ground (with sausage).

give a dog a drone
Kelly Conaboy

A.V. Club Staffers Turn Down "Invitation" To Move To LA

Last month, the site's top editor told the Chicago-based employees to relocate to Los Angeles or get fired

Tarpley Hitt
Blue teddy bear with scarf on blue background. Blue monday concept.

The Pagan Origins of Blue Monday

This winter holiday springs from ancient Briton ingenuity

Claire Carusillo
LONDON - MARCH 28:  Jed Rubenfeld poses with The Richard and Judy Best Read Of The Year Award at the...

Suspended Yale Professor Jed Rubenfeld Embraces Anti-Vaxx Community

Instead of allegedly embracing his students, we guess

Tarpley Hitt

The Death of Cool

Joan Didion, Ross Douthat, and conservative alienation.

chain reactionaries
John Ganz

Serial Fabulist Claims She’s Being Held To a Higher Standard

Ruth Shalit Barrett sued The Atlantic for $1 million in damages

Tarpley Hitt

TikTok Trends Forecast Forecast: Forgetting You Go to the ‘Euphoria’ High School

Predicting how some funny little dress-up videos will be ground into fodder for takes in the content mines

Styles Desk
Jenny G. Zhang

Nerds Dislocate Shoulders Throwing Hands Up for NYT Job

There can only be one

Mr. & Mr. Smith
Tarpley Hitt

A.V. Club Staff Find Hiring Notices For Their Own Jobs

G/O Media listed three positions that are currently filled by longterm employees

Tarpley Hitt

It’s Jan. 6, Especially For Me

(A journalist)

Tarpley Hitt

CBC Lifestyle Journalist Takes Anti-Woke Hiking Content to Substack

Bari Weiss and co. have a new Canadian postergirl

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Sarah Hagi

And Just Like That ... I Fell For Another Deceitful Headline About Kim Cattrall

Samantha is not wasting her breath on us

jobs blow
Claire Carusillo

Elizabeth Holmes Is a Woman

Media critics agree on at least that much.

period blood
Claire Carusillo

Our Favorite Gawker Stories of 2021

Some good stuff in here

Gawker Year in Review
Leah Finnegan

Year-End Self Assessments

All the posts were objectively perfect. We're just tough critics.

participation trophies
Claire Carusillo and Gawker Staff

Gawker's Most-Read Stories of 2021

Read em and weep

Leah Finnegan