Mustard-colored mustard merchant McDonald’s cares about kids, to the extent that kids can whine enough to convince their parents to take them to McDonald’s. McDonald’s: heroic, or most heroic?

McGonad’s announced this week that since it took “soda” off the menu as a choice of beverage in “Happy Meals”—so named because they make children “happy,” like all dangerous drugs—the percentage of children who are drinking sugar poison soda with their plastic burger and fried flash-frozen potato powder meal has declined from 56% a year ago all the way down to 48% now. Wow— health nuts, over here.

The pledge is part of a push by McDonald’s to quiet critics who say it serves junk food and peddles unhealthy choices to children.

Now McDonald’s only serves junk food and peddles unhealthy choice to 48% of children.

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