After a TV report alleging that a Chinese food supplier used meat that had fallen onto the factory floor and mixed expired goods in with the new stuff, McDonald's and fast-food conglomerate Yum Brands have vowed to cease ties with the company. Now, they promise, all the steaming trash they serve you will be totally fresh.

Shanghai Husi Food Co. was shut down by local regulators yesterday after Chinese station Dragon TV aired a report documenting its fun, laid-back approach to sanitation. Today, McDonald's and Yum—which owns KFC and Pizza Hut, as well as non-affected restaurant Taco Bell—apologized to customers. From Reuters:

"We will not tolerate any violations of government laws and regulations from our suppliers," said Yum China, which required all of its KFC and Pizza Hut restaurants to seal up and stop using all meat materials supplied by the Husi factory.

The division, Yum's No. 1 business unit, had just seen its KFC restaurants bounce back from the double whammy of the food safety scare and a bird flu outbreak.

"If proven, the practices outlined in the reports are completely unacceptable to McDonald's anywhere in the world," a China-based spokeswoman for McDonald's told Reuters.

The company supplied food to the two companies' Shanghai-area restaurants.

Shanghai Husi is a subsidiary of OSI Group, an American company based in Aurora, Illinois. According to Reuters, Starbucks, Burger King, Papa John's, and Subway all use OSI as a supplier in China. Starbucks told the news wire it does not currently work with Husi, and the other restaurant companies did not immediately comment.

Correction: An earlier version of the post identified taco bell as a recipient of bad meat. While Taco Bell's meat is definitely not good, only its fellow Yum Brands restaurants Pizza Hut and KFC received meat from Shanghai Husi. The post has been updated to reflect this error.

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