The Wall Street Journal says McDonald's, a store that sells toxic food and pays the people who make said food just enough money to ensure permanent poverty, has a new advertising slogan: "Lovin' Beats Hatin'"—sure, man, OK, that sounds good, why not.

The Journal says Lovin' Beats Hatin' will not replace I'm Lovin' It, but only "aims to spread happiness in the face of Internet hate, said people familiar with the matter." Love is better than hate—now that's a sentiment we can behind, right? Who's going to say "Hatin' Beats Lovin'"? Not us. Only a sick fool.

But there are so many questions: Where would we be if the McDonald's Corporation (NYSE: MCD), a multinational firm with a market cap of almost $91 billion, weren't here to tell us that Lovin' Beats Hatin'? Would we be hatin' more, or lovin' less? Would Hating Beats Loving have seemed to severe? What happened in the decade between the introduction of I'm Lovin' It and this new maneuver? How many hundreds of hours of focus groups, PhD consultants, and social media sentiment analysis went into this new little mote of bullshit? Couldn't they have just said Fuck it, our new motto is "Big Hugs" and saved a lot of time? How much less can one company care what you think?

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