Multinational corporate food stuffer McDonald's has decided to spice up your starch intake with a drizzle of seasoning. Soon, at your local St. Louis or northern California hamburger supply chain, you'll be able to get Zesty Ranch, Garlic Parmesan, or Spicy Buffalo flavor packets to mix onto your french fries. With instructions.

The Associated Press reports that the food chain, based on their success with their "Shake Shake" fries in Hong Kong in 2005, will debut "Shakin' Flavor Fries" in the two markets as a test.

Lisa McComb, a spokesperson for McDonald's, said,

"As with all tests, we aren't in a position to draw conclusions or make assumptions about the test since it is just beginning but we hope our customers in these two markets enjoy the new flavors."

Pour 'em. Sprinkle 'em. Close 'em. SHAKE 'em. Love 'em. Heart disease.

[Images via GrubGrade]