MC Serch, the more mediocre half of cactus-grabbing golden era hip hop group 3rd Bass, is getting a daytime talk show on CBS, which "will feature real people with real issues, relying on host Serch to use his street smarts and unconventional background to help guests grapple with and resolve their problems."

Yesterday, CBS posted a four-minute clip of the first episode, in which Serch changes the thug lifestyle of a troubled teen who'd been shot several times by hooking him up with a "webisode" deal from Russell Simmons. The clip is gone now. Too bad, because that shit was hilarious. If anyone finds it, please post it in the discussion section below. As a consolation prize, the show's intro clip is posted above.

Pete Nice, the superior MC half of 3rd Bass and erstwhile Deadspin contributor, told us: "Damn, I was hoping Russell was gonna give me a web series, but I only got shot twice."

People don't realize it, but "Dust to Dust" was actually the best album to come out of the 3rd Bass diaspora.

Our congratulations go out to Serch, in any case. It's funny where people end up in life.