Two weeks ago the Internet came up with what seemed at the time like an airtight Mad Men conspiracy theory: Megan Draper was Sharon Tate, and just like Tate, Draper too was going to die.

[Spoilers below]

Well, as it turns out, the Internet had this one all wrong. Crazy, right?

The LA Times' was in attendance for a round table with Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner, and decided to get the skinny on the theory straight from the Showrunner's mouth:

Yes, Sharon Tate wore that T-shirt, but that was just my costume designer Janie Bryant and I solving an argument. Women's T-shirts had not come into fashion. I always wanted Megan in a Disneyland T-shirt and Janie kept saying, 'They're not around yet.' So I said, 'There's got to be a women's T-shirt,' and Janie brought [the photo of Tate] in and asked, 'Is this OK?' And I said, 'Yes. I want that exact T-shirt.' Little did I know ...

Weiner goes a step further, guaranteeing that not only is Jessica Pare's job safe for the time being, but that, at least as far as this season is concerned, "no one’s going to die."

Maybe that's because... they're already dead.

[image via Uproxx]