Have you been paying attention to the latest Matt Drudge-powered anti-Hillary Clinton conspiracy theory festering in the most absurd pocket of the right-wing internet? I hope not! Assuming you haven’t here is some context for the above image:

In December 2012, Hillary Clinton fainted. When she hit the floor she suffered a concussion. In 2014, she was asked if she was still suffering lingering effects from the concussion and said she wasn’t. But the health of her brain has nonetheless remained a constant topic of suspicion among terrified conservatives, and it has not abated despite her entirely competent presidential campaign: Just last month, after she was late returning to the debate stage after a commercial break, Brietbart cited a “law-enforcement source” who attributed her momentary tardiness to “health issues stemming from a previous brain injury.”

It will not surprise you to learn that Clinton’s brain has been of particular fascination to Matt Drudge. Today, splashed across his website, is a link to an AP photo of Clinton wearing dark-rimmed glasses, which Drudge believes are the same ones she wore while recovering from her concussion in 2014.

You may notice that in his rush to slyly question Hillary Clinton’s mental capacity, Drudge spelled the word “prism” as “prisim.” This perhaps might seem like an innocent typo, except that, as of this writing, Drudge has not altered his spelling of this rather elementary word.

Matt, if you’re reading, below is a link to Katy Perry’s blockbuster 2013 album Prism. Gawker Media would benefit from your purchase via the link, but so, clearly, would you.

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