A giant hole has opened up on a Wyoming ranch, the end is nigh.

Geologists say the opening of this hole—as surefire a sign of the coming apocalypse as there ever could be—may have been caused by “a landslide.” The Wyoming Geological Survey wants you to think “groundwater has created weakness in what is already a saturated hillside. Further saturation like a wet spring and summer leads to more weakness, then the hillside shifted and caused a landslide with an associated large crack.” But we will not be fooled. Hell is down in that hole, and it will come forth and claim us all. Repent, repent, we are doomed.

We are advised “to stay away from the site because it is considered an active landslide and unsafe,” and also because the Kraken is down there.

The Washington Post says the crack was first discovered by a pair of hunting guides when it was far less impressive. When they returned a few days later, all hell had broken loose:

“I don’t really think anyone knows what happened out there, all of a sudden it was just there. I think the reason it’s so fascinating is it’s so big. And it doesn’t make any sense, where it happened it’s just like the ground opened up, and the size of it is just huge.”

That damn hole is 50 feet wide and “the length of six football fields,” according to SNS Outfitters, the group that first stumbled upon the harbinger of doom.

I mean look at this terrifying thing:

If you’re not panicking already, what are you even doing.

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[Screengrab via CBS Denver]