Today, Martin Shkreli testified before Congress in what should have been a routine hearing wherein the congressmen yell at the bad man, the bad man pleads the Fifth and everyone goes home unsatisfied. But this is Martin Shkreli and that is not exactly what happened.

Shkreli did invoke his right against self-incrimination during the hearing, which mostly focused on his decision as CEO of Turing Pharmaceuticals to hike the cost of a lifesaving drug by almost 5,000 percent.

Unfortunately for his lawyers, who are ostensibly trying to keep him out of jail on multiple fronts, Shkreli also exercised his right to be a dick.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen the committee treated with such contempt,’’ Representative John Mica said after Shkreli’s smirking testimony before reportedly asking if Shkreli could be held in contempt of Congress. (The committee chairman demurred.)

Shkreli’s lawyer tried to explain away the faces Shkreli was making, saying, “A lot of what you saw was nervous energy and that Shkreli did not mean any disrespect.” But Shkreli himself clarifies on Twitter—those faces were intentional.

Never a dull day for this guy.

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