Martha Stewart already had her vote taken away once, when the state of New York sentenced her to five months in prison for insider trading. This week it may have happened again.

Martha tweeted today that New York’s widespread Board of Election failures—which included the mysterious disappearance of about 50,000 registered democrats—affected her personally when she went to vote.

Though she says she was able to fill out an affidavit, it’s not clear that her vote was ultimately counted if her name wasn’t listed on the voter rolls affidavits get cross-checked against. The state of New York has disenfranchised Martha Stewart yet again, and on a piece of mass-produced, discount computer paper, no less. Voter suppression aside—who will speak for New York’s artisanal Araucana chicken egg farmers?

And if that weren’t enough:

We’ve reached out to Martha to find out the whole story—if you’re reading this, please get in touch, and thank you for this tweet.