Mark Leibovich, a national correspondent for the New York Times Magazine, is one of the few prominent "mainstream" political reporters who does not make you despair for journalism. He's zesty! And he's here now to answer your question on Washington, politics, power, and his new book.

Leibovich's latest book, published last month, is a collection of his profiles of political figures entitled Citizens of the Green Room: Profiles in Courage and Self-Delusion. Leibovich is also the author of This Town, which memorably skewered the self-regard and obliviousness of DC's media elite. (He also wrote the recent Times Magazine cover story on Chris Christie.) Leibovich has the wit to be genuinely funny and the honesty to call an asshole an [NYT-approved synonym for "asshole"], which makes him a rare commodity among high profile political writers.

Mark Leibovich will be here at 11:30 to answer your questions about DC, politics, the media, assholes, the upcoming presidential elections, his books, or whatever else you feel like asking, if you can get on his good side. Put your questions in the discussion section below right now.