U.S. Marine Stephen Lewis, a private first class stationed at Camp Pendleton in southern California, was arrested two weeks ago after arranging to have sex with an entire family: a man, his 12-year-old son, and his 11-year-old daughter. The only problem with this plan (aside from everything) was that he arranged for the meeting with an undercover Department of Homeland Security agent on the incest website family4love.com (note: these agents are “essential” employees during the shutdown).

How does a Department of Homeland Security agent arrange such a terrible encounter? The Smoking Gun details some the texting and autocorrecting that occurred between Lewis and the agent:

“Who would I have sex with?” Lewis asked the undercover, who answered, “either son or dau.” The Marine later texted, “I’d make love to all 3 of you.”

During a text message exchange the following day, the undercover asked about “any fantasies that u want fulfilled with my dau.” Lewis replied, “Havering kids with her and fucking them, ducking your ass, her using a strapon on me, 3 way.” He then sent a clarifying note: “Sorry phone is auto correcting. Fucking her ass.”

According to the federal court filing, Lewis had a clear plan for what would go down in the sexual encounter, and it includes souvenir t-shirts:

On September 12, 2013, Lewis told Special Agent Beagle that he would buy masks to be worn while recording sex acts between himself and the children. Lewis indicated that he intended to purchase the masks at a Walmart, and that he intended to purchase sex toys from a store near the Walmart. Lewis said that he would bring Marine Corps shirts as gifts for the children.

Lewis was arrested in the early morning hours of September 14 after driving 400 miles north to meet up with the “father” at a Starbucks. The Walmart masks and sex toys were found in the car and Lewis also admitted to having images of child pornography on his phone and on his computer. He is currently being investigated for multiple felonies, including enticement of children and possession of child pornography.

[Image via Smoking Gun, which they say is via Tumblr, but I could only locate it on Instagram/toothlesslewis]