Mariah Carey's expert blend of blasé drama queeniness is on full display in the YouTube above. In it, she is wheeled out of the hospital after being treated for the dislocated shoulder and cracked rib she suffered after taking a tumble on the set of her "#Beautiful" remix video. "Well, that was fun," says a be-slinged Mimi, who is of course wearing a gown and full makeup. She then describes the experience as "harrowing" in the same inconvenienced-and-loving-it tone. Then she mumbles something about going back to the video set and professionals, thanks someone while grasping his or her hand like a weird old lady during the "Peace be with you" part of mass, and air kisses someone else. She may be doped up. She may be a living Humane Society cash-register donation bank with those sad puppy eyes.

Mimi has been documenting her wing injury via Twitter. Outside, she is closing her eyes and sighing at her bad fortune. Inside, she is flying like a bird:

She's referring to Saturday's MLB benefit show in Central Park, where she will continue to milk her injury for the sake of sympathy and theater, if everyone's lucky.