Photo: AP

Marco Rubio advisors say the junior senator from Florida would happily endorse Ted Cruz, but only if Ted Cruz was going to win anyway and there was no one else to endorse and it helped Rubio in some way.

Rubio is apparently waiting until the convention to make a final decision, but his advisors tell The Politico he is unlikely to endorse Cruz the way the race currently stands—and who can blame him.

“Marco wants Donald to lose. If he thought his endorsement would help in California or in Indiana, which it won’t, then he would probably do it,” an unnamed Rubio source tells The Politico. “But what Marco isn’t going to do is just endorse Ted, watch Trump win anyway and then, in four years, watch Cruz use Marco’s endorsement against him if they both run for president again.”

“Trust me, for us, the best scenario is for Ted Cruz to be the nominee this year,” another “top supporter” tells the paper. “It would knock Trump out. Then Cruz would run against Hillary and get slaughtered and he won’t be our problem in four years if Marco runs again. And I think he’ll run again.”

A fair point, in that Rubio’s endorsement probably wouldn’t make a real difference, regardless of whether he has a shot in 2020 or not (he doesn’t). Plus, as his own children can attest, literally no one wants to be part of the Ted Cruz camp.

“I don’t have any comment on it except I don’t think Ted Cruz is Lucifer,” Rubio, who perhaps knows something we don’t, recently told the Palm Beach Post.