For most of you, the day Marco Rubio dropped out of the Republican presidential race is the same day he disappeared from your life, perhaps forever. The same may not be true for me.

Yesterday, the New York Post reported that Rubio—who will soon be unemployed—may seek an executive role with the NFL’s Miami Dolphins:

Marco Rubio is pondering his next move after dropping out of the presidential race, and rumors are running wild that he could be heading to the Miami Dolphins.

Sources said Rubio, who won’t run again for his Florida Senate seat, could potentially land an executive role with the team.

Despite that they cause me only routine pain, I root for the Miami Dolphins, and I think I would prefer that Marco Rubio stay away from them. But wait, the Post adds:

But a Dolphins insider insisted, “Nope, nothing to it. He is a huge fan, though.”

Ah. You know on second thought, the Dolphins haven’t made a single correct decision in 20 years, so if they think hiring Marco Rubio would be a bad idea that would mean it’s actually.... good.

Please, Marco Rubio, destroy my football team then. I beg you.

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