Marco Rubio in Melbourne, Photo: Getty

Today at a campaign stop in Melbourne, Fla., Marco Rubio compared the Republican presidential race to an internet comment section:

This is a thing that writers like to say about the election because comment sections are often our closest points of contact for bad faith readings, unhinged arguments, and anonymous racism. It isn’t the worst line, but it’s far from the most creative.

It also happens to be a very weird thing for Marco Rubio, Republican presidential primary candidate, to say. Writers can make this comparison because the readers of our Twitter feeds—our peers—understand the exact type of person we’re talking about when we say “internet commenter.” But normal people—i.e. most of the millions of voters in Florida—probably don’t understand the profile of the internet commenter, and if they do, it might mean they’re an internet commenter themselves, in which case they have been directly insulted by Marco Rubio, who desperately needs their votes so that he isn’t forced to immediately exit the Republican primary in shame.

Also, the commenters of this website are great and its writers never make derisive remarks about them.

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