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Marco Rubio, junior senator from Florida, which is sinking in to the sea, glibly dismissed a direct question tonight about legislative measures he would take to ameliorate climate change. Marco Rubio is a climate-change denier.

According to Newsweek, rising waters in South Florida will overtake about $69 billion worth of property in less than 15 years:

About 2.4 million people in the Miami area live less than 4 feet above the high-tide line, and the ocean is expected to rise between 6.6 and 30 feet by 2100. Eighty-four years is a long time, but water doesn’t rise like that all at once. It is already happening. Inch by inch, the slow inundation of Miami has begun, affecting infrastructure and life in one of the world’s sexiest cities.

A very small group of people—one of whom may be president—pose an active, existential threat not only to those whose interests they claim to represent but the entire human race.

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