Next time someone tries to tell you New York City isn't Real America, you remind them: 1 World Trade Center is 1,776 feet tall, man. Ain't that America? We love our country so much, in fact, that a new skyscraper — Earth's tallest residential building! — will top out one foot lower in patriotic deference.

The Nordstrom Tower — designed by world's-tallest-building architecture firm Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill — is slated for completion in 2018, according to New York YIMBY, which acquired the building's specs. It will sit 1,775 feet high at 225 West 57th street, proudly reminding observers of the year before the year our founding fathers declared an independence that took six more years to truly establish.

(If we're going by the building itself, the Nordstrom Tower will actually be about 100 feet taller taller than 1WTC. The trade center's extra-long spire brings it to its star-spangled total height.)

It's enough to bring sentimental tears to the eyes of even the snobbiest of east coast liberal elites. We wave our flags for you, Texas; we admire your very fashionable outfits, Minnesota and Wisconsin; we laugh heartily along with you at Two and Half Men reruns, our Nebraskan brothers and sisters. Peering down at you from the balconies of gleaming edifices all over Manhattan, New Yorkers realize: we are all one glorious nation.

[h/t Daily Intel, image via New York YIMBY]