Although the rent on Manhattan apartments is far too expensive for you to afford, look on the bright side: the prospect of buying a Manhattan apartment is also a laughable dream that recedes ever farther from the realm of possibility (for you).

The very latest figures on the Manhattan apartment market, via Corcoran: the median (midpoint) apartment price is $920K, and the average apartment price is $1.7 million. Fortunately, inventory is growing, so there is a larger selection of apartments that you cannot afford.

No one can put this sort of devastating economic trend in its proper context quite like the CEO of a powerful real estate firm. From the Times:

"New York is getting very expensive," said Pamela Liebman, chief executive officer of Corcoran...

"When the average price jumps to $1.6 million," Ms. Liebman said, "there's a group of buyers that can no longer afford the apartments they want in Manhattan."

Never thought of it like that.

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