The guy who filmed NYU student Gerry Shalam claiming to be the heir to "half of fucking Manhattan" continues to nurse a raging hate-boner for Pranna, the popular brunch spot where Shalam and his friends allegedly got drunk. He's posted two new supercuts of wasted Pranna brunchers that indicate The Heir was less an isolated incident and more a symptom of an ongoing shitshow.

Step, if you dare, into the circus of puking, staggering, public urination, and indecent exposure that this person can apparently see every Sunday morning from a Madison Avenue window.

Pranna: Come for the bottomless mimosas and screwdrivers, stay way too long on the sidewalk outside.

"It just seems like these places promote getting stupid drunk in order to make money and then the people that live there have to live with the fallout. I'm sick of it," the man who filmed the videos told Gothamist.

After realizing that there were videos of this scene online—shot over the past three weekends, no less—Pranna's owner released a list of changes they plan to make. It's actually a list of things he claim they're already doing, coupled with a weaksauce pledge to consider stopping the flow of unlimited booze before 3:30 p.m..

Per Gothamist, here's the list:

1. We will increase our security outside and do our best to clear the sidewalk faster (as we are seeing doing in several parts of the video).

2. We will continue to have security and management monitor our guests inside and try to prevent them from drinking excessively.

3. We have already reduced the brunch reservations by 20 percent to keep patrons under control.

4. We will look into reducing the hours of serving alcohol during brunch so people will consume less drinks.

5. We will try and set up meetings with our neighbors regularly to discuss their concerns and try our best to resolve them.

According to the New York State Liquor Authority, Pranna's liquor license expires Sept. 30. Gothamist says the restaurant plans to submit its renewal application at a community board meeting Wednesday night.

Should be a fun and enlightening renewal process.

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