Bogdan Ionescu was slapped with a £20 fine by police and chastised for riding his bike in Cologne, Germany with only one handbrake, even though he only has one arm. Authorities finally apologized and reimbursed him—three months later.

German law dictates that all bikes require two handbrakes. Ionescu, who works at a theater box office, has had his bike modified within legal specifications so that he can control his right brake using his foot, the Telegraph reports.

Ionescu was pulled over and fined by police in March for violating road safety laws. Only after complaining in German newspaper Kölner Stadtanzeiger did police rectify their mistake. He's happy now.

"It's great news, I'm really happy," he told Kölner Stadtanzeiger. "It's good that this is how it ends, it's unbelievably good."

[Image via Telegraph]