Well, let's just get on with it. Tyrone Bowd is a 24-year-old Australian man with scrotal lymphoedema, a condition that has inflated his sack to the size of a watermelon. He also, according to his mother, has an inverted penis.

Bowd and his mother are attempting to raise $100,000 so he can fly to the United States and have surgery they say will save his life. So far, according to The Australian, they have collected nearly $6,000. The two are attempting to have Bowd seen by Dr. Joel Gelman, a surgeon at The Center For Reconstructive Urology who operated on Wesley Warren Jr.

Bowd's condition has made his life predictably difficult—his mother says that his scrotum was the cause of a motorcycle accident in which Bowd broke his leg.

"It's hard to do stuff all the time and it's hard to go places," Bowd told Sunday World.