Photo: AP

According to CNN, Donald Trump asked Mike Pence to be his running mate early Thursday evening and Pence accepted, but (as the Indiana governor is surely learning) even the clearest decision is always up for negotiation to Trump. Just hours later, the candidate told Fox News he has yet to make up his mind about who he’s taking to the election, saying, “I’ve got three people that are fantastic” and “I haven’t made my final, final decision.”

Earlier in the night, Trump announced that he was delaying a news conference to reveal his VP pick originally scheduled for Friday morning due to the recent attack in Nice, France. Later, Trump made it clear that the attack itself was “absolutely not” affecting his choice—which, of course, he hasn’t actually made.

To Trump, selecting a vice president might be a purely personal decision, but as the presumptive Republican nominee, it does end up having a few real-world consequences. Particularly for Pence, who, if he wants to serve as Trump’s running mate, must file papers withdrawing from the governor’s race by Friday at noon or forfeit that election for Republicans.

Other evidence emerged Thursday night indicating that seemingly solid plans by Trump were still up in the air. His campaign, for instance, appeared to be unaware Trump was postponing Friday’s event until after he announced it. And, on Facebook, former NFL quarterback Tim Tebow dismissed news that he was speaking at next week’s Republican convention as “a rumor,” even though a Trump advisor had earlier “confirmed” it.

In a way, the rumor represents a degree of progress: Until this week, the only person scheduled to appear at the convention was “George Washington” after Trump missed his own deadline to submit a list of speakers—twice. But for a man who hopes to take over the position George W. Bush famously described as “the decider,” Trump seems oddly unwilling to do any deciding.