James Lacroix, 53, is perhaps the nicest, most confused home intruder in recorded history. After reportedly sneaking into the Kennedy compound in Hyannisport on Tuesday night, having a lovely chat with Ted Kennedy Jr.'s son, and relaxing with a book, he told cops he was just looking for Katy Perry.

According to CBS News, Lacroix entered Ted Kennedy Jr.'s home around 6:30 pm and hung out there, reading a book, for three hours. Kennedy's son didn't even realize he was an intruder — he thought he might be a family friend. When Kennedy called home to check on his son and Lacroix picked up the phone, Kennedy called the police.

Sgt. Michael Riley of the Barnstable Police Department told the Washington Post, "Mr. Lacroix did not to make any threats or appear dangerous at all. He began to ramble on about his political views and his love for Katy Perry and it became clear that Mr. Lacroix was detached from reality." Lacroix also asked to see JFK, who once owned the Hyannisport compound.

Lacroix was arrested, charged with breaking and entering, and ordered to undergo a 30-day psychiatric evaluation.

[Image via CBS]