A South Carolina man who was unwilling to walk his father's dog because it was raining outside thought he had come up with an acceptable solution: Using the dog's leash to dangle it from his second-story balcony.

A photo of the cruel act was posted on Facebook, where it was found and shared by many.

The unnamed photo taker also filed a report with Greenville Police, which sent officers to the McBee Station condo of 23-year-old Tyler Smith.

Smith was subsequently charged with a misdemeanor violation of the city's Animal-Care Ordinance.

The dog was unharmed.

"Saturday it was raining really hard during that time period and we believe he was doing it to let it use the bathroom," Greenville Police Officer Johnathan Bragg told ABC News when asked how Smith explained his behavior.

News 13 says it spoke with Smith's father, who is "appalled by his son's actions" and in "no way" condones them.

[photo via Facebook]