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"When I met Taylor and when we got married, he looked like a Backstreet Boy," said Kim, 28, a marketing director at a local airport near Fredericksburg, VA. She meant that as a compliment. You see, her relationship has since been hijacked by her husband Taylor's barbecue-sauce trap of a beard that he grew, "fell in love with," and then launched a Facebook campaign to keep after she told him to get rid of it. He kept it and named it Beardimus Maximus.

Last night's episode of True Life, subtitled "I Need to Change My Man," chronicled Kim and Taylor's story. On one hand, we should all be so lucky to have a problem as shallow as our partner's facial hair. On the other hand, Taylor's kind of a dick who does disgusting things with that bushy growth of his, including taunting her with promises of trimming.

On the third hand hiding behind the fourth wall, this all happened on a reality TV show. The episode's happy ending felt abrupt while at the same time predictable. Just because you need to change your man, it doesn't mean you will actually succeed. Highlights above.