If you’ve ever wanted to go to McDonald’s and make one giant sandwich out of every sandwich they offer, the good news is that you can as long as you have $140.33. Nick at Dude Foods, who claims that building the McEverything has been the “number one item” on his bucket list for a few years, recently completed this horrifying feat. But why would anyone want a sandwich that combines a fucking Sausage McGriddle, a Big Mac, and a Filet-O-Fish?

If you count breakfast, there were 43 sandwiches offered by the McDonald’s in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin where Nick made the monstrosity. And in order to guarantee success, precise timing was required:

Since I wanted to include both breakfast and lunch sandwiches as part of the McEverything I showed up about 30 minutes prior to the end of breakfast service just to give the workers enough time to assemble all the breakfast sandwiches before the menu switched over to lunch. They were also able to ring everything up all on one receipt as well, so I didn’t have to place two orders which was nice.

He was able to hold the entire thing together with “lots and lots” of bamboo skewers.

But here’s the worst part of the entire thing, aside from the gluttony and waste and stuff:

Now, I know that some of you are probably reading this right now and thinking to yourself “Man, what kind of idiot spends $143 on 43 McDonald’s sandwiches?” The way I see it though is that with all the leftovers I have I’ve got all my breakfasts, lunches and dinners covered for the next week or so!

Leftovers. He’s going to eat leftover McDonald’s for an entire week.


[Images via Nick at Dude Foods]