We are truly living in the golden age of internet commerce. After several break-ins and organ thefts from a former mental hospital, police searched high and low only to find that the stolen goods had been sold on eBay. Isn't the free market great?

USA Today reports that last year, several jars containing human brains and other preserved tissues were stolen from the Indiana Medical History Museum, formerly the Central State Hospital psychiatric facility. Police were at a dead end until they got a tip from an eBay buyer who unsurprisingly found something suspicious about the jars of antique human tissue he bought online.

Police were able to trace the purchase from their San Diego tipster to an eBay seller, who in turn directed them to the man who pinched the brains. In what must have been the weirdest sting of 2013, Indianapolis police had the buyer set up a meeting with the burglar, who had stolen another 60 brains the previous day. After the transaction was completed, police went in and arrested their suspect, who was charged with theft, marijuana possession, and paraphernalia possession.

If you're looking to purchase your own stolen eBay brains, the San Diego purchaser can give you an estimate: for his six jars of strange antiques, he paid a bargain price of $600, plus $70 shipping.

[image via Getty]