Incredibly, a Kentucky camper is expected to make a full recovery after sleepwalking off a 60-foot cliff last week.

The man was camping with friends at the Red River Gorge when he apparently walked off the edge of a jagged cliff, landing "in an area that was littered with large boulders."

"The campers who were with him found him at the bottom of a 60 foot cliff. The individual has a history of sleepwalking. So camping on a cliff ledge, that's probably what led to this incident," a member of the Wolfe County search and rescue crew told WDKY.

Two search and rescue crews had to rappel down the cliff to rescue the man, who was eventually hospitalized with a head injury, dislocated shoulder and fractured leg. He's expected to walk (or limp) away relatively unscathed.

[image via WDKY-TV]