Police arrested Bemidji, Minnesota man Chad Pickering yesterday for allegedly shooting his 17-year-old neighbor three times after she told him to stop riding his lawnmower into her yard.

The Star Tribune reports that Pickering's alleged victim told police the 40-year-old regularly carried a holstered pistol. After she complained to him about his habit of trespassing atop his mower, she said, he came back to her yard, waited for her to come outside, and shot her in her chest, thigh, and ankle. She survived, and crawled back inside to call 911.

Police later found .45-caliber shells in the girl's yard and a .45-caliber pistol hidden in Pickering's air vent, and arrested him for attempted first-degree murder. Pickering initially denied the accusations, but came clean after officers noticed inconsistencies in his story. His bail was set at $300,000.

[Image via AP]