An 88-year-0ld man—bless his heart—was robbed on Halloween night after openly counting out his casino winnings and then being followed by a crook who was greedy for the cash. Did the robber sneak up behind the man as he was leaving the casino? Why, no. He followed the guy for ten miles.

The old man was leaving the casino in Ozone Park, Queens on Halloween night when Gregory Hillman allegedly started tracking the big winner's moves. He followed him on the subway from Jamaica Station to Jackson Heights, Queens, where the robber continued to follow the man onto a bus where the near ten-mile, 90-minute journey came to its end.

Via New York Daily News:

Hillman remained behind the victim when he boarded a Q47 bus and rode it to East Elmhurst. It was only after the man got off the bus and neared his residence that Hillman finally pounced. The crook shoved his hands into the man's pockets, then pushed him to the ground — causing the victim to black out after slamming his head on the pavement.

Hillman was arrested on robbery and assault charges and was awaiting arraignment on Saturday.

[Image via Shutterstock]