After he was warned not to go into the bayou with a large alligator this weekend, a 28-year-old Texas man did just that, declaring “Fuck that alligator!” and jumping to his demise. Now a friend of the victim, a man known only as Bear, has made the alligator pay with its life for his buddy’s mistake.

Bear shot and killed the 11-foot gator Monday.

“He had to go,” Bear told the Houston Chronicle, “That’s what happens when you kill someone.”

Good point, Bear. It was definitely the large aquatic predator’s fault that a meal jumped right into its waiting jaws. Glad you could make things right.

Now Bear faces a potential $500 fine, because that’s what happens when you kill someone (an alligator) in Texas.

Game wardens discovered some remains of the very dumb dead man, Tommie Woodward, in the belly of the beast, the Chronicle reported. It’s not yet clear whether Woodward died from alligator bites or from drowning when the gator pulled him under. It is clear from photos of the marina, though, that he died within view of an alligator warning sign.

Woodward was the first person in 179 years to be killed by an alligator in Texas.

[h/t NYDN, Photo: KBMT]