Authorities in Joliet Township, Illinois, said a man who murdered his wife before turning the gun on himself had tried out for the game show Family Feud just hours earlier.

High school security guard Marcus Crosby, 36, had auditioned for the show with several family members this past Sunday, a source told the Joliet Herald-News.

However, Crosby's wife, 35-year-old Kearra Hosey, did not accompany her husband to the tryouts.

Later that day, family members living in Crosby's home says he and Hosey got in an argument that ended with Crosby pulling out a handgun and shooting her multiple times before killing himself.

This was not Crosby and Hosey's first violent argument.

Last September, Hosey filed for protection against Crosby after he pushed her down the stairs during a verbal altercation.

Some time later the couple reconciled and, in June, tied the knot in Las Vegas.

A month later the police were once again called to the couple's residence to settle a domestic dispute.

Crosby himself had a rap sheet that included a vandalism conviction in 1998, and a criminal sexual assault charge in 2004 for which he was not tried after the victim became "unavailable."

"They had their ups and downs, like any marriage," Hosey's aunt told the Herald-News. "But nothing this extreme."

[photos via Patch]