An Arizona man died and another was injured when a swarm of 800,000 angry bees escaped an attic and began attacking them.

According to KGUN9, the men—both landscapers—were working on a Douglas, AZ home when the bees attacked. One man was killed and another was transported to a nearby hospital, where he remains in critical condition.

Beekeepers that later examined the home said the bees had maintained a hive there for at least ten years.

It's the second major bee attack in Arizona in the last month—about 10,000 bees swarmed into a Surprise, AZ couple's home in September, forcing firefighters to douse the house in foam.

"This (outdoor) heater had been blown over and was lying through the bushes down in there," said Dan Norlin told KPHO. "I got it up and along with it came about 10,000 bees."

[image via Shutterstock]